Sudha Varsha-Shower of Nectar (A Monthly Spiritual Magazine)
Stotra Sudha (A Salutation to All Gods)

Many are the hymns, or Stotras, chanted to invoke the numerous Gods and Goddesses.

Pearls of Wisdom (Insightful Sayings of Sri Tara Ma for Everyday life)

There is something which each one of us owes to ourselves and to every one. This can be understood by even a casual perusal of good religious books.

A Compilation of Devotees' Experiences

Sri Ma is the very embodiment of Prema (Divine Love). Through Prema She captivates the heart and soul of every individual.

Invaluable Gems – A Book on Human Values

Invaluable Gems is a collection of the ancient teachings of the Indian Sages, given in English, keeping the original Sanskrit intact.