Sri Tara Ma Mission is a spiritual movement founded by Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma. To instill Universal Love and Peace in the world is Sri Tara Ma’s vision. Through discourses and other engaging sessions Sri Tara Ma is taking Her divine message to the nooks and corners of the modern society.

Sudha Varsha-Shower of Nectar (A Monthly Spiritual Magazine)

Divine Ecstacy
Sri Ma Amrutvani Navaratri Celebrations Ninth Day

Desires are endless. The mind is constantly wriggling wrenched by one desire or the other, small or big. Today, man is unable to understand why he is so discontented.

Sri Ma Amrutvani Navratri Celebrations Third Day

Goddess Mahalakshmi has manifested as various Shakti (Goddess) forms. Lakshmi represents truth, chastity and grandeur. She is the blessed consort of Lord Vishnu.

Upcoming Events
July 2009

Nama Sankirtan on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekada

July 2009

Discourse by Swami Omkarananda on ‘Guru Mantr