Pearls of Wisdom (Insightful Sayings of Sri Tara Ma for Everyday life)

There is something which each one of us owes to ourselves and to every one. This can be understood by even a casual perusal of good religious books. There are few books which call Mankind to Purity, Honesty and Integrity, which qualities make for realisation of God, that is, ULTIMATE TRUTH. The moderner now realises that these religious and moral teachings, which are put in understandable and simple language to be assimilated even by beginners, are an inalienable

part of learning to build a Simpatico society. By sustained and indefatigable effort of several years by Sri Ma’s devotees, ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, a compilation of precepts of Sri Ma for everyday life has seen the light of the day. Sri Ma’s sayings reflect wisdom and contain moral advice, which are essential for a meaningful, spiritual living, in this materially stimulated world. May God bless all to practise the great sayings of Sri Ma for a peaceful and contented life.