Prem Ashram

As Sri Tara Ma started serving the suffering humanity many people started gathering around Her to drink the nectar of divine love. A devout couple, Shri Sachdev and Parmeshwari, humbly and with lots of love offered their residence completely to Sri Tara Ma so that She may give the gathering crowds Her blissful Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse) and converse with them freely. Many were those who partook of the divine love. However, day by day the number of people seeking Sri Tara Ma’s Darshan started growing. The need for a larger, commodious place with a calm and peaceful environment soon

As it were, Sri Tara Ma had already willed, during a Satsang visit to Pune in September 1968, to have a place where seekers of Her Divine Love could come and have Her divine Darshan, unburden their heart by confiding in Her, wipe out their troubles by gathering the dust of Her Lotus feet and become recipients of Her Divine Grace; a place where also those with an inclination to realise the Supreme Truth can completely dedicate themselves to a spiritual way of life. She had willed to build an Ashram (Spiritual Haven).

One a particular day in November or December 1968, Sri Tara Ma took Nirmal Jothi to the cremation ground in Kopri Colony, Thane (E), Maharashtra INDIA, and asked her whether she knew where they were. Sri Tara Ma then said, “This is a cremation ground. Do you feel afraid here?” Then Mataji
pointed at the adjacent site and said to Jothi, “I will build the Ashram here.” In 1969 Sachdev showed a land for the Ashram after the usual Thursday
Shiv Mandir Bhajan. This plot was the same one that Sri Tara Ma had shown Jothi. Subsequently, the foundation of Prem Ashram-the Abode of Divine
Love-came to be laid on the Vijayadashami Day in the year 1969. On why the site next to a cremation ground was chosen for the Ashram and the import
underlying the name ‘Prem Ashram’ Sri Tara Ma remarked, “ It will remind the people of the temporary thing (body) which is to be discarded one day
and the moment one enters the Ashram he or she will become aware of the permanent thing-Love. So, I will name it Prem Ashram.”

On 13th June 1971 Prem Ashram was inaugurated amidst grand celebrations. Sri Tara Ma carried Lord Baba’s Sandals (Padukas) on Her head all the way from Shri Sachdev and Smt. Parameshwari’s residence in a joyful procession of devotees and installed them ceremoniously at the altar in Prem Ashram. This day is celebrated as Prem Ashram day every year.

Devotees forthwith began to flock to Prem Ashram. The Ashram was ever abuzz with the activities of devotees who began to revel and delight under the benign shade of Sri Tara Ma’s ever gracious Love.

The activities in Prem Ashram were all directed towards the fulfilment of the real purpose of human life. They were spiritual as well as service oriented. Sri Tara Ma started teaching the devotees how to lead a holy and pure life, placing full faith in God. She told them that people from all walks of life can take up spirituality to know the Supreme Truth. She started imparting instructions on spiritual practices and encouraged one and all to do Omkar chanting, meditation (Dhyanam), repeat God’s name (Japam), etc.

Thus came about the establishment of Prem Ashram – The Abode of Divine Love, Mataji’s first Ashram. Many devotees have been and continue to be profoundly benefitted by the many intensely spiritual activities in the serene atmosphere of Prem Ashram. Many are those who have had first hand experience of the divine vibrations at Prem Ashram.

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