Stotra Sudha (A Salutation to All Gods)

Many are the hymns, or Stotras, chanted to invoke the numerous Gods and Goddesses. These Stotras are praises galore of the form and attributes of that One Divinity manifested as the object of worship. Composed by the ancient sages and saints, Stotras are in the Sanskrit language and are couched in the sweetness of poetry. Scriptures have it that, selfless recitation of Stotras help the earnest seeker a great deal to advance
on the path of spirituality. Even a daily ritual of recitation works wonders in imparting calmness to the mind.

Further, Stotras infuse courage, cultivate humility, ensure divine help, bestow auspiciousness and create love for the Supreme Being. And if the recitation is suffused with an understanding of the

meaning of the Stotra it is said to conjure the right kind of feelings and a state of mind conducive to the accrual of very great benefits, often those of the higher spiritual nature. It is in this context that Stotra Sudha finds its niche.

With its verse by verse English translations, Stotra Sudha strives to be an easy to learn, definitive handbook on sanskrit prayers for children as also grown-ups. One can use this book in conjunction with the Stotra Sudha Audio cassettes or Compact Discs to imbibe the ancient, mental cum physical vitality promoting, hymns. It has also surfaced from experience that the simplicity of the sanskrit dialect in use coupled with the efficacy of poetry set to music has made the learning of these Stotras so easy that children grasp them just by listening.

Even one not knowing sanskrit may derive the ineffable delight quintessential in the masterpieces by just reading their meanings in english. All in all it is earnestly hoped that Stotra Sudha, the elixir divine of hymns, be of great use and a source of enjoyment to all ages.