Divine Ecstasy – Om Sri Ma Jai Ma Jai Jai MA

Divine Ecstasy is a musical rendering of the chant ‘Om Sri Ma Jai Ma Jai Jai Ma’. Set to mellifluous notes that both stir and sooth the soul it makes for continuous listening throughout day and night so that we involuntarily chant the Name of the Divine Cosmic Mother to attain purity and eternal peace.

Commune with the Supreme Goddess who is extolled by sages and seers as Durga, Kali, Bhairavi, Kshitikanti, Vamabhaagi, Vaagishwari, Brahmani, Shakti, Sharada, Uma, Lakshmi, Chandi, Chamunda et al. The Divine Mother is the substratum of the Cosmos. She is the Mother of all created beings. The Cosmic Mother is also the native power lying within us in a restive state waiting to merge with the Universal Spirit. She is the beginning of a soul’s spiritual journey and its culmination too. In the course of a soul’s journey to spiritual emancipation the Supreme Divine Energy, Mother Kundalini, rises from the most basic centre of consciousness in human beings called Muladhara Chakra, travels upwards through the Sushumna channel upto the Sahasrara where it merges into the Infinite, Shiva. The Individual soul here transcends the three states of mundane existence and ultimately attains the state of Immortality becoming One with the Supreme Soul (Paramatman or Brahman). It attains Spiritual Illumination.

This musical offering based on Nine Ragas including Bhup (pleasant and signifying Dawn), Purvi (signifying Dusk), Darbari (signifying Joy) and Chandi (signifying Benign fierceness of the Goddess for annihilation of all evil) annotates the divine spiritual journey from illusion to Illumination. It will surely lead one and all to the Ultimate Goal of Life.

Singer, Composer & Music Direction: Bharat Raj

Guru Poornima Discourse
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