A Compilation of Devotees’ Experiences

Sri Ma is the very embodiment of Prema (Divine Love). Through Prema She captivates the heart and soul of every individual.

She loves the heart of a devotee more than anything else. The Gita quotes, – Mataji does not destroy the evil doers but she definitely kills their evil tendencies with the weapon of Prema. She imparts the teaching, “ Prema is mightier than sword.” Mataji has power to destroy our inner foes to help us to know the Supreme Reality.

Young and old alike, of all walks of life have been captivated by Her pure, divine and unselfish love. She has planted many a seed to grow into a plant, which will bring forth blossoming fragrant flowers. Here is a compilation of many such divine experiences. The compilation makes for excellent reading as the effulgence of Sri Ma’s divinity unravels as Her devotees recount their experiences in first person. The compilation had been brought out in its present form as a ‘Souvenir’ of Prem Ashram during its 25th Jubilee Celebrations.