Omkar Dhyan Upasana

Omkar Dhyan Upasana – Omkar Chant Meditation Music

Swami Omkarananda, a Self-Realised Soul and a Divine Master has mastered many a spiritual practice of which in the chanting of the Cosmic Syllable ‘Om’ (Omkar) he is particularly proficient. He has fine tuned this art to such immaculate perfection that Sri Tara Mataji gave Him the name ‘Swami Omkarananda’.

Swamiji has taught the art of Omkar to many spiritual aspirants. His teachings, though ungraspable in a descriptive nutshell, can be said to form the content of the Omkar Dhyan Upasana. Swamiji Himself takes one through the nuances of chanting Omkar and in the process implants the seed that eventually grows to form Divine Love and Supremacy over all basic nature.