Sri Ma Vanasthali Ashram

In the year 2004, Sri Tara Ma inaugurated Sri Ma Vanasthali Ashram in Thane (W), Maharashtra, INDIA. The Ashram is nestled on a hillock amidst a cluster of towering trees that form a rich canopy over most part of the Ashram lending the entire setting a sylvan touch. Together with lush green lawns and a rich plant growth the same make for an exhilarating sight and pleasant mind.

The Shrine of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and the Abode of Sri Tara Ma make for the two most prominent edifices at Sri Ma Vanasthali Ashram. The former is the communal point for regular spiritual activities whilst the latter is indispensable in so far as it caters to the thirst of the devotees when they come pining to have Sri Tara Ma’s Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse) or listen to Her Discourse.

The Ashram is also bedecked with different statues of Lord Shiva as Nataraja, Goddess Lalita, Lord Krishna, Goddess Radha, Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha etc. that are installed majestically over plinths. Their aesthetic beauty drives one to visualise and commune with God or with one’s chosen ideal (Ishta Devta) in the privacy of one’s heart rendering one silent, calm, composed and serene. Sri Ma Vanasthali Ashram too has a rich plant growth that fulfills the need for Prasad ingredients etc. The activities and routine in this Ashram are the same as they are at the other Ashrams of Sri Tara Ma.

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