Sri Ma Amrutvani (Address to Youth)

Children! If I ask you what is that time in your life that you consider to be the most important for you, will you be able to answer me? Whatever be your answer, I feel that the present moment is the most important one. How many of you are using the present moment properly and enjoying it thoroughly? Are you able to draw forth the bliss, quintessential in a life lived in the present. Generally it is observed that most youth are either anxious about the future or weighed down by their past. For instance, many of you, first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, may be in the habit of analysing the previous day, planning the current day and also thinking of the arrangements to be made for the forthcoming days, relating to both domestic activities as well as work. However, don’t you think that every morning brings alongwith it inexplicable beauty in the form of the beaming rays of the sun, crisp fresh air, the trees and plants swaying rhythmically to the mild early morning wind. Through all this Mother Nature beckons us to awaken ourselves to the splendour of the Divine. How many of you reciprocate to this call? How many of you pay attention to the vivid beauty of Mother Nature every morning? Likewise, at the time of meals how many of you enjoy the food? Your mind is given to ever so many thoughts that you are unable to enjoy your meal even. Your mother, father, spouse, siblings or others in the household wait for you to come home so that they can partake of their meals alongwith you. However, your pre-occupation with other thoughts precludes you from enjoying those moments of togetherness, in the present moment, with your loved ones. You are unable to live in the present. Practise living in the present for a blissful and fulfilling life. Most of you do not perform work with a concentrated mind. Instead, you allow your mind to wander aimlessly thinking of various other things at the time of work. This is the reason for failure in any endeavour you undertake. As a result of the failure, valuable time is lost and also your obligatory duties arising at the given moment remain unfinished.

Time moves by rapidly and inexorably. The bygone moments cannot be recalled and relived at any cost. It is akin to the flow of a river. Notice in a river, the water is continuously flowing downstream. The volume of water that was in front of you a moment ago gets replaced by a different volume of water. All the water in a river is gushing on its course towards the ocean. This process is ongoing and never stops. If you are the one bathing in a river you will appreciate that the water that has gone ahead cannot be brought back by any means. The same is the nature of time. It is constantly moving and cannot be brought back. By not living in the present you are losing time. The present moment is the best moment. I have seen many of you are either drooling on your past achievements or are very optimistic about the future but are poles apart from living in the present. Mindfulness has been recognised as a very important factor for all professions and occupations. So, tests to find out whether one is present minded or not have been incorporated into the recruitment procedures of many big as well as small organisations. The scene of an interview, for a plum post, in a big company yielded the following sequence of pictures. Many young individuals, carrying with them all their certificates, had assembled to appear for the interview. One by one they entered the cabin of the interviewer, someone in a very high post in the company, and exited soon later, disappointed. They all failed. Nobody knew why. They were presented the verdict as soon as they entered the cabin by the interviewer and so had to turn away. Finally, it was the last candidate’s turn. This young lad was bright in character, brilliant in intellect and extremely gentle demeanoured as also soft spoken. As he approached the cabin he saw many files strewn by the side of the door and also a lot of litter. This boy first stacked up the files neatly in a corner and then threw all the litter in the dustbin. He then approached the door and knocked seeking permission to enter. He was promptly called in and handed the appointment order immediately. The boy was overjoyed. The interviewer was the owner of the company. He said, “I was looking for somebody pro-active and present minded like you. Those files and litter were left outside the room with the purpose of testing the candidates. That is why all the others lost out and you have stood to gain. Keep it up.” In this manner, the interview contained no questions or answers or any other conversation. All that mattered was the state of mind and the decisiveness of the candidate. If you cultivate the habit of not getting enmeshed in the thoughts of the past and the future then you will be able to successfully develop a state of mind that is alert, aware and conscious of the present. Unnecessary worries and anxiety are impediments to happy living. If you cultivate concentration of the mind with the help of meditation and be cheerful then you will be able to derive immense satisfaction and pleasure by living in the present and also become more alert and aware.

It is an old saying that the ‘Most Precious Moment is the Present Moment that Man Loses Every Moment’. There is a story of a renowned violinist. He once visited a circus. There was another violinist in the circus. Whenever he played the violin, deers and the other wild animals danced and performed various acts. Now, our violinist who was in the audience was quite an accomplished musician. He was very proud about his ability to bring rain over even a barren land with the violin in his hand. This fellow now felt slighted by the ability of the circus violinist to whose tunes the wild animals danced given a semblance that they were totally under the control of his music. So, soon after the show was over our violinist approached the owner of the circus and persuaded him for a chance to play the violin during the show. The following day the violinist appeared for the show and took the place of the circus violinist. He drew his bow over the strings and out flowed mellifluous music in synchronisation to the notes of which, one by one, all the animals and birds – the deers, peacocks, elephants, horses, bears etc. – performed in front of the audience. Finally, a tiger made its way into the ring. The violinist’s pride, by now, had ripped through the roof. He felt as if there was no greater violinist on earth other than him. However, within seconds, the tiger leapt over the violinist and struck him on the neck with its paws. He gnarled viciously looking at the violinist who by now was overcome with extreme fear. Somehow the ring master took the tiger under his control and saved the violinist’s life. The shaken violinist was escorted to the tented area behind the circus and given first aid. He was being comforted by the owner of the circus and others. The violinist then asked the ring master: “Sir, all the animals and birds swayed so beautifully and happily to the tunes of my violin but why did your tiger alone attack me.” The ring master replied, “Sir, in your over-confidence that all the animals will surely be e nslaved by your music you failed to notice that the tiger had neither of his ears. How could a deaf animal hear your music however enchanting it may be.” The violinist at once understood that he had become unaware of the present moment and so had to pay for it with a near fatal encounter with a tiger. This incident teaches that one must always be conscious of the events occuring around oneself and act in a befitting and measured manner. Keep your eyes, ears and the other senses open and alert. Be awake to the happenings around you. This will benefit your life immensely. Our beloved Swamiji (Swami Omkaran anda) has been repeatedly saying that the youth of today have gone astray. “They are living as they wish. They seem to be drooling in a false air of success and so are losing control of their lives and its details. They are unable to remember even the smallest of works to be done and are prompt in tendering apologies for the same. “Sorry, I forgot!” is on the lips of almost all youngsters,” Swamiji says.

You youngsters are always bored. You have forgotten how to enjoy life and its umpteen offerings. Setting aside real happiness you are all running after a sort of happiness which is no more than a reflection that will never come within your hold. Doing so, you are all living lifelessly. This two day camp has been conducted in order to infuse right thinking in all of you. Keeping the mind in the present moment will yield infinite happiness. You must take back this very profound teaching with you from here. Likewise, dwell deeply on all that I have spoken with you here and take corrective action in your life and make
it blissful.