• Through discourses and other engaging sessions Sri Tara Ma is taking Her divine message to
    the nooks and corners of the modern society.

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Divine Mother

“For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor having once been, does he ever cease to be.
He is unborn, undying, primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.”
Ashram Centres
Discourses by Sri Tara Ma and Swami Omkarananda are regularly arranged in all the Ashrams and Centres.
In every age and time, the Divine Super Power takes human form and lives with the common man to share joys and
sufferings. This Divine is a Realised Soul who can guide, direct, inspire and lead. Such a Divinity has a mission-to improve the
quality of human life, to give light to the groping, to offer solace to those suffering.

Desires are endless. The mind is constantly wriggling wrenched by one desire or other.

Omkar Dhyan Upasana

Swami Omkarananda, a Self-Realised Soul & a Divine Master has mastered many a spiritual practice.

Sadhana Camp

Sadhana Camps or Spiritual Retreats of residential nature, of either a week’s or three day duration.

Recent Publications

Sudha Varsha (Shower of Nectar), the journal of the Sri Tara Ma Mission, is a spiritual monthly started in January 2002 on the sacred occasion of the Swami Omkarananda.

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Sri Ma Amrutvani Navaratri Celebrations Ninth Day

Desires are endless. The mind is constantly wriggling wrenched by one desire or the other, small or big. Today, man is unable to understand why he is so discontented.

Recent Happenings
July 2009

Nama Sankirtan on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekada

July 2009

Discourse by Swami Omkarananda on ‘Guru Mantr

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Devotee’s Experience
  • Swami Omkarananda

  • I was fortunate to have had Mataji on a short holiday to Japan and Singapore during October 1997. My first visit to these countries was way back in 1978 on business and on invitation from a Japanese trading company. Soon after my return, I had called on Mataji to offer pranams and convey that the visit was a success. I had then suggested that she should visit this country to personally experien

    R. Rajan
    Pearl Queen, Santacruz, Mumbai

  • Prayer is of immense help. It is a panacea for all mental and physical ills. It wards off the devotee’s troubles. A devotee who prays with a pure mind and holds onto the Lotus feet of the Lord, is sure to be saved ultimately. Sri Mais the Indweller. Sincere prayers are the silken threads that pull Mother to the devotee calling Her. She bestows joy on the devotee by wiping away his problem

    Smt. C.N. Parvati Ammal
    Pearl Queen, Santacruz, Mumbai

  • My wife, Ranjani, and I had our first Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse) of Sri Ma on the Vijayadashami day of 2001. Thereafter Ranjani frequented the Ashram and I used to go there once in a while. The beginning of 2003 was one of the most trying periods in my life. Ranjani suddenly took ill. She was down with high fever, severe headache and shivers. We admitted her to a private hospital in Thane. D

    Row House No.5, Vasant Vihar, Thane (W)

  • I recall my first meeting with Mataji to be in mid-may 1972. I remember those days quite vividly for I was pining to have Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse) then. But due to many household duties I was unable to proceed to Puttaparthi. One night Baba came in my dream and said, “You want to see me but are unable to come. Even if you come many inconveniences will rid your

    Mrs. S. R. Meenakshi Iyer