Swami Omkarananda


Our land Bharat is famed for the Divine Incarnations that have taken birth on it from time to time. These innumerable highly evolved souls have lent
it its current image of being the spiritual treasure chest of the world. These incarnations were born divine and throughout their earthly sojourn, they
held the beacon light for the rest of humanity to follow. They condescended to the lowest levels and elevated even the most fallen souls to the realm of eternal bliss. Such an immaculate personage, a Goddess and a manifestation of Supreme Divinity is Sri Ma.

Mataji’s advent was divine. Her childhood has had countless episodes and accounts that bear ample testimony to Her divinity. She required no Guru for She is the embodiment of God who is the Light of lights. Like in all Her earlier advents, in this Avatar too She holds aloft the message of Love and Peace. Mataji is the embodiment of Pure Love. In this world none can love anything like how Mataji does. I have witnessed this first hand.

She is the Cosmic Mother and so holds all creation dear to Her heart. She mingles in the multitudes, makes Herself accessible to them and portrays the ultimate in so far as simplicity and benign motherhood is concerned. Her captivating form is divine and to all Her children Her voice is soothing and cool like the rays of the moon. Yet, even the brilliance of a crore suns cannot match Her divine effulgence. She imparts the profoundest Truths through the medium of silence.

Blessed are those who have devotion in their heart for Mataji. Nevertheless Her grace will always be on each one of you. Surrender to Her Will; for, nothing worthwhile can be achieved even in the material world without Her grace. It is through Her grace that one comes face to face with that Light called God. Pray that you be absorbed in contemplating Her Glory and Name. All of you are Her loving children and it is but definite that Mataji will shower Her copious blessings on you. Mataji is everything. She is all-encompassing. Truth is Unity; Truth is God and Mataji is veritably the embodiment of Truth. With Mataji’s name in one’s heart and lips one need not worry about any evil. So, pray to Mataji and take refuge at Her Lotus Feet. She is Absolute Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. She is the source of all existence and is the bestower of eternal peace. Dive deep in the ocean of Her DIVINE LOVE.

Mataji teaches that the key to understand the Universal Truth is You. Providing for yourself and your family is your prime duty. While one’s first duty is to provide for others, though marginally, is also a necessity, for this is the whole collective discipline. This collective discipline ensures smooth and proper functioning of the society.

She teaches a lady to function as a perfect woman and a man ‘a man’. Narrow views and narrow guidelines tarnish the society and give rise to inimical qualities like Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Pride and Jealousy.

These are some of Her selected teachings. Everyday She gives advice specially to the woman to be the best in the society.

Let me retrace my association with Sri Ma. It was about 27 years ago – it was as far back as in 1967 or 1968. It was my beginning in the spiritual field. From Calcutta I went to Baba. In a small room, I was doing meditation, Dhyan etc. throughout the day. I never used to close the doors of my room. There were some ladies in the adjacent room. I never took notice of them. Some how their movements were disturbing my spiritual sadhana. I noticed someone was arranging my things neatly. One day it occurred to me that She was doing it to assist me in my spiritual sadhana. One day as She was reclining on the floor, I saw a bright pink light emanating from Her body. I have gone to many spiritual personalities in Himalayas etc. and so far I have never seen such a sight excepting on Baba. Baba radiates a very bright light; high spiritual light that also I have seen.

One day I was just coming out of my room and I found that they had put up their sarees for drying. I called them and told them, “Please move them to one side so that I can walk freely.” She told me, “Uncle, do you think we are so dirty that our sarees will pollute you. I said, “No”. It was a petty quarrel. I told, “It is not correct. I am sweating a lot. My sweat will spoil your sarees. So please move them. We talked a lot after that.

During our conversation Sri Ma told me that She was going to establish an Ashram in Thane. Then I asked Her, “Is it possible.” I was quite skeptical about it. She then told me, “Uncle, it is possible. We are going to do it. You will see it.” Then I remained silent.

After some days I left. I was in my wandering life. Off and on, I used to contact Her through some letters. After some time I was ordered by Baba to go to Calcutta to take up my job. I was a commercial executive at that time.

I stayed on in Calcutta. After sometime I had some duty in Mumbai. Soon after getting down from the plane, I thought I would go to Thane and see what they were doing; whether the Ashram was really there. I went to thane. The Ashram was ready, with asbestos walls, doors, leaking asbestos roofs – that was the modest beginning.

Sri Ma used to come to Calcutta when I was there. One day, I was resting and a misty matter emanated from my body and formed a Shivalinga at the head. She came near me and told, “The Darshan which you had just now, is Atmalinga.”

I was coming often to the Ashram from Calcutta. One day Sri Ma and I set out to go somewhere. As soon as we passed the gate She saw the body of a poor woman on a bier placed under the tamarind tree, with nobody in attendance. She said, “Poor one! No money even to burn her body.” She called the curator of the cemetery and asked for details. The Curator told that some people had gone for collecting money. She instructed him to give them everything and that She would bear all the expenses for the cremation of the body. This practice continues even today.

One day we were at Shirdi; we took our bath early in the morning about 4.30 a.m. and went for Darshan. On the way She bought a beautiful garland and told me that She was praying to Baba to keep the garland on Him throughout the day. She turned to me and said, “I Will, that it remains on Baba throughout the day.” And it did! The Pujari removed thousands of garlands but not that one till 10.30 p.m. that night. There are so many such small instances, which prove beyond doubt that such things are possible only for spiritually elevated souls. All these reflected Her Divinity. It was a pleasant sight during those days seeing Her gliding through the rows of devotees joking with one and chiding the other; ignoring one and conversing with another, patting one and even beating the other; talking roughly with one and comforting another with sweet words; advising one and scolding another. It was really enthralling!

From the beginning She was not encouraging pronouncements and promises; protracted discussions and denouncements. She always wanted quick decisions and perfect deeds. She always told people that She wanted to hear only one word ‘Done’. She never gave a sympathetic hearing to excuses and explanations.

From a modest set-up the organization kept growing. Our motto and Her advice was to keep going; no looking back. It was done.

Swami Omkarananda