Smt. C.N. Parvati Ammal

Fulfilment of The Sacred Vow of Smt. C.N. Parvati Ammal

Prayer is of immense help. It is a panacea for all mental and physical ills. It wards off the devotee’s troubles. A devotee who prays with a pure mind and holds onto the Lotus feet of the Lord, is sure to be saved ultimately. Sri Mais the Indweller. Sincere prayers are the silken threads that pull Mother to the devotee calling Her. She bestows joy on the devotee by wiping away his problems. But Her divine sport is inscrutable.

For a long time the family of Smt. C.N. Parvati Ammal, who was living in Thane (East), had been facing endless miseries. To eliminate this immense burden Smt. Parvati Ammal resolved to observe a sacred vow (vrat in hindi) in the name of Goddess Lalitha for forty-one days and began performing Lalitha-Trishathi Pooja ardently. She said, “If there is Maha-Shakti in the world, She will come and wipe away our sufferings.” On the 21st day of the sacred vow, at 5 O’clock in the morning, her daughter Vijaya had a vision of Balamurugan (Lord Kartikeya) in her dream. In the vision Balamurugan proclaimed: “Goddess will come and remove your miseries. She has incarnated on earth.” Vijaya related her vision to her mother and other family members. Smt. Parvathi Ammal continued her Pooja. On the 31st day of the sacred vow, Smt. Seeta Krishnan, a family friend, told her that Goddess had manifested in Sri Tara Ma. This reinforced Smt. Parvathi Ammal’s belief on her daughter’s vision. The desire to have the Darshan of the Goddess surged up in her.

The doctor had advised Smt. Parvati Ammal not to venture out of the house as she was not in the best of her health but paying no heed to his advice she, alongwith her daughters, Sita and Jothi, immediately set out to Building No. 7, Kopri Colony, Thane, to have the sanctifying glimpse of the Mother.

Sri Tara Ma’s enchanting form and Her radiant countenance rendered

Smt. Parvati Ammal speechless. Seeing the Goddess thus embodied filled her eyes with tears of joy. The sacred vow that she had observed had fructified.

Sri Tara Ma’s Darshan provided a striking testimony to the words of Balamurugan.

Smt. Parvati Ammal and her daughters prostrated at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother. Mataji looked at her and said, “I know everything. There is absolutely no need to grieve.” She at once removed the twine of flowers tucked in her tresses and giving it to Smt. Parvati Ammal and her daughters said evocatively, “Just like how we have to free the cloth from each thorn in the case of it getting entangled in the several thorns of a rose plant, I will eliminate your problems one by one.”

Revelling in deep devotion Smt. Parvati Ammal composed many devotional songs including ‘ keâ¤Ceekeâjer efMeJeMebkeâjer heeJe&leer… ßeer melÙe ßeer leeje osJeer ‘in praise of Mataji. Smt. Parvati Ammal became Sri Tara Ma’s ardent devotee. Mataji became their family deity. Before taking even the minutest decisions she would take Mataji’s blessings. She loved Mataji with unflinching devotion till she breathed her last.