Sri Tara Ma Mission was founded in the year 1966 by Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma to spread Universal Love in this world. Pujya Mataji, as Sri Tara Ma is fondly known, always says that divine, pure, unalloyed love is the route to infinite peace, joy and bliss. Born divine, Sri Tara Ma, is an Avatara (incarnation) of Devi (Goddess) and has proclaimed that She has come to instill love in the hearts of the millions of people abounding earth, regardless of their nationality, color, race, religion, language, caste, creed or gender.

“I am Kamakshi Devi, the Divine Mother.
I have come to live in this house (this world). Love is overflowing from my heart.
I have come to give light to this world.
Nothing can escape my hold. I will ever remain the same.”

-Sri Tara Ma (in the July of 1963)

At the age of 19, in the year 1963, having revealed Her divinity, with the above declaration, Pujya Sri Tara Ma, soon renounced all worldly ties, cast away all ornaments and adornments, and came to live in an Ashram that She set up alongside a cremation ground. When asked whether She wasn’t scared to live there, She proclaimed yet again: “I am Kali. I am the Primordial Power that governs this cosmos. The dance of creation, preservation and culmination is nothing but My divine play and happens in My realm.”

Pujya Sri Tara Ma embarked on Her mission, on Her journey, to assuage the sufferings of humanity through, Bhakti Yoga, the contemplation and remembrance of the divine name, glory and form, the teachings of the Puranas and assiduous spiritual practices as prescribed by the Shastras. Over the years, Sri Tara Ma has set up Ashrams and Centres in different parts of India, and some abroad, to enable people to come and interact with Her and gain the benefits accruing from Darshan (Sanctifying glimpse), Sparshan (Ameliorative touch) and Sambhashan (Liberating Talk). Sri Tara Ma is giving Her message to this world through Her divine discourses. Her teachings are drawn from the scriptures, the Puranas, the Upanishads and from Her own innate divinity and omniscience. Under the watchful aegis of Divine Mother Sri Tara Ma, the Ashrams and centres also follow a meticulously designed routine consisting of programs like Omkar Dhyan Upasana, Jyothi Meditation, Nama Smarana and Sankirtana, Shloka and Geeta Recitation, Ashtanga Yoga practice etc. for the spiritual evolution of the participant.

Sri Tara Ma Mission has been at the forefront in performing or undertaking social service measures for the benefit of the poor and needy. Please visit http://www.srimatrust.org to see the work of Sri Ma Trust, the NGO arm of Sri Tara Ma Mission, its Social Service Dimension.

Implanting spiritual values in children ensures that an entire generation is benefited from the ideas of proper living as contained in the scriptures. To know and learn from the lives of saints and spiritual beings has direct advantages when it comes to facing the challenges of life with elan and aplomb. Spirituality also endows one with the ability to understand the underlying meaning of life and to live effectively and more meaningfully, without the hankering of the senses after sensory objects or pleasures. Learning all this at an early stage in life, mostly during the formative years, enables young adults to live life more maturely and responsibly. To make this happen Sri Tara Ma has established institutions of learning that impart contemporary education enriched with ancient Indian cultural and spiritual values. To know more about the Educational Dimension of the Sri Tara Ma Mission, please visit http://www.srima.edu.in

Sri Tara Ma Mission believes in the oneness of religions. Sri Tara Ma always says: “All religions are Divine”. The Ashrams and the educational institutions celebrate the festivals of all religions and strive to propogate love and harmony in individuals throughout the world. Propelled by the Upanishadic Statement, ” Vasudaiva Kutumbaikam”, Sri Tara Ma Mission strives continuously to make one and all see the utility of unconditional love and the futility of anger, greed, hatefulness, jealousy, pride and attachment.