Smt. Sunita Omprakash Advani

R. Rajan, Pearl Queen, Santacruz, Mumbai

Smt. Sunita Omprakash Advani of Pimpri (Pune) had quite an intriguing experience of Mataji’s divinity. The incident occurred just after the Darshan programme at Smt. Bela O. Seth’s residence in Kolkata on 4th November 2006.

It was past noon and with Sri Ma’s Pravachan (Discourse) having concluded, one and all had begun to offer their Pranams (To Prostrate) at Mataji’s Lotus Feet. Smt. Sunita was to return later that afternoon by a 4:45 flight to Pune with a group of nine other devotees. So, after offering Pranams to Mataji, she informed Her that after lunch she would proceed to the airport. Mataji gave her a benign look, with an unusual twinkle in the eye, and gave Prasad (Consecrated Offering). Then, even as Smt. Sunita got up, Mataji said, “You will miss your flight today.” At this Manju said, “But Mataji, Sunita’s flight is only at 4:45 p.m. and it is not even 1:00 p.m. now. Not only is a lot of time left but the airport also is just a five minute drive away. It seems unlikely that she should miss her flight.” Smt. Sunita could not understand the meaning behind Mataji’s words and became confused. Without saying anything she proceeded to her room.

As planned, after lunch at around 2 O’clock, Smt. Sunita and the group from Pimpri left for the airport and reached much before the scheduled reporting time. Everyone went through the routine procedures, including Smt. Sunita, and obtained the boarding pass. On the flight boarding announcement, the group proceeded for the security check where Smt. Sunita was asked to open her hand baggage. The security personnel found perfumes in it and asked her to book the same to cargo. She immediately repacked all her bags and rushed to the check-in counter. Hurrying ahead of the queue she requested the officials to help her out as she had already become late due to the delay at the security check. The officials obliged and booked the hand baggage to cargo. With the formalities having gone through and now with no hindrance at the security check, Smt. Sunita proceeded to the gateway where she thought the coach to the aeroplane that she was to board was waiting. But to her utter astonishment the flight had taken off even though she was carrying a boarding pass to it.

All the other nine devotees from Pimpri boarded the flight. She alone was stranded as a result of an array of events, which she found puzzling. But what became clearer to her was that every word that Mataji utters carries the weight of a hundred elephants; even Her passing, casual talk is pregnant with tremendous power.

This shows that Mataji is the knower of the three phases of time and beyond-Omniscient.

(PWD 10/2, Pimpri, Pune – 17)