Seeta Krishnan

It was in 1966, when Sri Ma was living in Building No.7, Kopri Colony, Thane (E), that I had Her first Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse). My house was on the first floor of the same building and Mataji’s was on the ground floor. Mataji was living there with Her parents. At that time I had no knowledge of who Mataji was and that She is a Divine manifestation. In fact, one day, thinking Her to be an ordinary girl, I went to Her house and mingled with Her in a way that I would have done with any other person. But She kept gazing at me for a while and did not speak a word.

A few days later I again visited Mataji’s house. Mataji had not finished Her ablutions then. There I learnt that Mataji’s mother used to perform daily Her Abhishek (Consecration) with milk, rose water and such other items considered holy. On that day there was no milk in the house and so Mataji’s mother was worried as to how Mataji’s worship is to be done. Thinking thus she opened the tap to fill water and lo! Wonder of wonders! Milk poured out instead of water. It was as though Kshirasagar (Ocean of Milk) was overflowing from its heavenly position to worship the Universal Mother. All of us considered ourselves blessed to witness this Leela (Divine Sport) of Mataji.

One day Mataji called for me sending a message through Her mother. When I went there, Mataji puffed some Vibhuti (Sacred Ash) over me and also applied it to my forehead. I could not make out the reason behind Mataji’s doing this. I had been married only six months. Being alone in my house in the afternoon I used to have a short nap daily. But my sleep was invariably disturbed by an uncanny experience. I used to feel as though someone was trying to strangulate me. With a loud shriek I would get up and utter the chant ‘Om Ram’. Startled at such an occurrence I used to remain afraid the whole day. Despite my attempts I was unable to make sense of this. Often I also saw nightmares due to which my sleep in the night used to get disturbed. Later on I came to know from Mataji’s mother that it was for this that Mataji had puffed Vibhuti over me and applied it to my forehead. From the time Mataji orchestrated Her Vibhuti (Sacred Ash) Leela on me, the hindrances to my rest and sleep were warded off. I also felt that had Mataji not performed the Vibhuti Leela on me then I would have never been able to beget issue (child). Mataji never spoke about this to me. From this I came to know that Mataji cared for us more than our consanguine mother (mother who gives birth).

An incident I recollect vividly is, when we were once travelling to Pune by car with Mataji. After sometime Mataji who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly decided to occupy the front seat. I remember seeing a truck advancing towards us and then heard a deafening sound; we proceeded towards Pune, nevertheless. It was only on reaching Pune that I knew that the truck had actually hit our car. It had made a big dent by its impact on one side of the car. It was also then, that I realised the reason for Mataji’s changing to the front seat where I had been sitting and also how lucky we had been to be saved by Her Divine Grace.

By Mataji’s Grace I got a girl child whom I named Tara. Mataji showers Her love and affection on her. Mataji is All-Knowing. Once, my son took ill due to which I was unable to go and have Mataji’s Darshan. So, I was praying to Mataji. That very evening Mataji sent Vibhuti through a devotee for my son. One day my son was adamant on not going to school. Mataji gave him an apple as Prasad and blessed him. Since then he began to go to school cheerfully.

Mataji has been a source of mental, spiritual and physical strength all my life. Whenever my mind is filled with anguish. I just have to think about Mother and in no time, Mother sees to it that I am relieved of my worries. This shows us how universal and all-pervading is Her concern for all. I remember at times when I go to Mother with a heavy heart, but not revealing my problems. She exclaims on Her own, “What is it, my child, that is troubling you? Please tell me.” The kind of love She has showered on me is incomparable. I had been initiated very early in my life by my Guru with the Divine Mantra ‘Ram Nam.’ It was only later that I had met Mataji. However, I never felt any difference between Mataji and my Guru. It would always give me great joy to chant ‘Ram Nam’ and everytime while doing so, the sweet and smiling face of Mother would always flash before my eyes.

A doubt once arose in my sister’s mind as to whether she was right in worshipping Mataji as her Guru when she already had a Guru, who had given her Mantra Diksha. This was clarified in the following manner. My sister had been given a bedspread by our Guru who had also promised to visit her home later. However, our Guru attained Samadhi and this promise seemed to have been left unfulfilled. It was only much later, that Mataji visited her residence and rested on the same bedspread given to her by our Guru. Our Guru had kept Her word! This example reveals to us that Divinity is One.

On Guru Poornima day, in the year 1997, my husband had developed back pain. The pain, however persisted and by night, it became worse. We immediately took him to Mataji. She just looked at him and asked us to take him to the hospital. He was diagnosed as having had a heart attack. Mataji advised us to get him operated soon. The cardiac physicians as well as surgeons were of the opinion that an operation wouldn’t benefit him much. Mataji, however, continued to insist that we should get him operated. However, since no surgeon was willing to operate, we just continued with the medicines. Three years passed. In between, my husband had a cardiac failure. He subsequently recovered but was never his former self. Then, he again started having chest pain and breathlessness.

Mataji was then in Hardwar. When we called Her, She asked us to make preparations for his surgery. Once again, the same process of consultations with specialists started. Finally one of the leading cardiac surgeons in Mumbai, agreed to operate only on the sole condition that the risk of the surgery going wrong and failing was as high as the chances of success. With full faith in Mother, we agreed to go ahead with the surgery and it was a success!! There were no post-surgery complications. The operating surgeon himself told us that he was amazed to see the way the heart behaved after surgery, which even he didn’t expect. It was all Mother’s Grace. My husband is much better now than he was before. There have been innumerable instances in my life which show Mataji’s divinity. Mataji grants all the wishes of those who pray with love and devotion. She confers prosperity, mental peace and spiritual attainment. She bestows the boundless joy of Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan (Sanctifying glimpse, touch and speech of the Satguru) on the devotees. She is the beacon light of humanity and has come to take one and all into the embrace of Pure Love.