Ms. Sumati Malusare

Sri Ma – My Divine Mother

It was around mid-1970 and Mataji had come with a few people to supervise the construction work of Prem Ashram. It was at that time that I had Her first Darshan (Sanctifying Glimpse). Her blissful, incandescent countenance had lent Her a profound spiritual aura. Love was overflowing from Her eyes. Seeing this grand spectacle I felt an upsurge of divine vibrations within me and was taken over by an overwhelming delight. It was the greatest moment of my life and it seemed like everything had come to a standstill.

I started attending Bhajans since the inauguration of the Ashram (Spiritual Haven) on 13th June 1971. I used to be immensely pleased attending Mataji’s discourses. It was when Mataji’s birthday was celebrated in the Ashram for the first time that I received the golden opportunity to worship Her Lotus Feet. Mataji granted me the vision of Goddess Shakti at that time.

Mataji once decided to make a trip to Hajimalang, a Sufi shrine near Mumbai, India. Many devotees enlisted for the trip to this holy place, which was situated on the top of a mountain. I was hesitant as I used to develop chest pain while climbing higher altitudes. When Mataji told me to come along I related my problem to Her. She simply replied, “Why do you fear when I am with you?” With faith in Mataji I decided to go and by Her grace my fear vanished for good as I felt absolutely no strife while making it to the holy place.

It was the year 1972 and Guru Poornima was being celebrated in the Ashram. Devotees were flocking even from far off places to have Mataji’s Darshan. But though I was living just a stone’s throw away from the Ashram, I was not in a position to make it due to a prolonged illness. I was feeling sad because it was Mataji who had bailed me out from the abysmal depths of ignorance and introduced me to the grandeur of devotion and knowledge. And here I was, reeling under an illness, not in a position to even drag my frame upto the Ashram to have Her Darshan. Just then Mataji appeared in front of me and asked, “Child, What has come over you?” The glowing Mother vanished immediately after asking this. Just then I realized that my fever of many days had subsided and I went to the Ashram to have Mataji’s Darshan.

I was not interested in marriage for I did not want to get entangled in mundane bondages. I always prayed to Mataji to grant me refuge at Her Lotus Feet. Mataji answered my prayers and in the year 1973, fifteen days before Guru Poornima, She taught me the importance of a spiritual life and how one must conduct oneself on the path to God-realisation. She then initiated me into a life of celibacy. On Guru Poornima day I came to live in the Ashram. Mataji is verily the personification of Goddess Annapoorna. By Her Divine Power She always ensured that none returned from the Ashram empty stomach. How much ever Prasad-food was prepared always sufficed any number of people partaking of it.

Mataji loves all Her children. She wants all of us to attain the Supreme Goal. She identifies with each and every child of Her’s and feels immense sorrow when even one of them goes off course. So, She might scold a few while teach lovingly to the rest. She might seem lenient to a few while having a tight rein on a few others. But no matter however strict She may seem She has a heart as tender as rose-petals. She is an ocean of compassion and cannot bear even the least bit of sadness in Her children.

Ms. Sumati Malusare,