The Upanishads fondly call you as ‘Amrutasya Putraha’

Dear Children,

The Upanishads fondly call you as ‘Amrutasya Putraha’ which means you are immortal. Well, I always would like to call you as Amrutasya Putraha because you are ever-living and there is no death for you. You are on the path of realising the meaning of this great saying by following the strict discipline of chanting OMKAR, doing DHYANAM, singing BHAJANs and observing other routines both in the Ashram and at home. You are Chiranjeevees (ever-living). Therefore, the malevolent or negative qualities like fear, anger, hatred, conceit, mischievousness, greed, over inquisitiveness, lust, shame and disgust etc. should not take an upper hand and intimidate you in any walk of life. Be bold and advance bravely in anything you do, always keeping in mind the name of the Lord and the welfare of humanity. Your actions should not be influenced by self-centred motives. Vedanta stresses the importance of two things-one is Abhyudaya and the other Nisreyasa. Abhydaya means ethics of social welfare and Nisreyasa means ethics of spiritual emancipation. Man should not only strive hard to elevate himself to higher level in spirituality but deeply concern himself with all social welfare activities. Therefore, you will see, all good religious organisations of the world of preach divinity and also do social service by way of establishing educational institutions, building hospitals, Dharmashalas etc. They build Anathaashrams, temples, churches and community halls where they preach pure religion and impart useful knowledge to many social workers and spiritual seekers. I am happy to learn that a primary school with the ideals of Abhyudaya and Nisreyasa has been started already by our Ashram.

A combined socio-spiritual education will serve as an encouraging foundation for the youth to achieve success in spiritual and social sphere. The motto should be renunciation and service with complete detachment. One should serve the man at large. Man is essentially self-centred and the focus of all tension and sorrow. To remove these unwanted qualities he should engage himself in service to the needy. You should not expect any return for the service rendered. Even you should not expect the resultant happiness. You are aware that happiness is an attitude of mind and, therefore, happiness cannot come from external sources. Success will be achieved only when you do your work with purity of character and spirit of dedication and selfless service. Awareness that God exists everywhere in the world should play eternally in your mind.

You are immortal. Your dominant aim should be to realise IT. You can know IT only when you look inwardly into yourself, free from all external attractions, enticements and diversions. The ATMAN within you is pure and unaffected by pleasure or pain and IT cannot be destroyed, hurt, burnt, wet, dried or killed. Your quest for knowledge of SELF has picked up a considerable momentum. Embellish yourself with the ornaments of spirituality. Enrich yourself with the great wealth of dedicated service. There are enough riches in the form of Ananda, in the coffers of the kingdom of God. Seek these riches and not the finite material benefits. I am sure that you shall get them as you are definitely advancing with brave and adventurous forward steps in your just claim to win the absolute bliss. You should always be in the company of spiritually evolved souls. True spiritual luminaries ask little but give a lot. Attending religious discourses, religious concourse (Satsanga), Bhajans, visiting temples, Ashrams and other religious places will help you to advance towards perfection. The atmosphere of goodness pervading in such places will invigorate the tired mind which unnecessarily tosses itself in the turbulent ocean of Samsara. The stormy problems and their aftermath of disillusionment will reduce into nothingness, once you understand your own Absolute Ananda Swarupa. You are pure. You are Ananda Itself. Bhagwan Baba addresses you always as Divyatma Swarupalara (Embodiment of perfect, absolute, pure Atma). Keep your body healthy. It is the abode of Pure Atman. Do not reduce it to a mere frame that harbours a riotous mind which often creates confusion and results in downfall. Make your body suitable for spiritual and social welfare, Sadhanas, which will lead you to the divinely-planned, orderly arranged, infinite, eternal Bliss.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa writhed on the ground appealing, “Mother , bring me back to earth even as a dog, if only that I might help even a single soul.” Develop a spirit of understanding and self-help. I have observed these desirable qualities among you in the Ashram and marvel at such an achievement. Self-help, a deep sense of orderliness and of justice will give you a real ability to establish the Ashram and the educational institution on a sound socio-spiritual basis. Work hard. There is plenty of work to do.

Bhagwan and Mataji are here to guide you. Remember they are an unfailing source of inspiration and guidance.

Prem Ashram

With Blessings,
Swami Omkarananda