You love me, I like it. You love Mataji, I enjoy it

Dear Children,

You love me, I like it. You love Mataji, I enjoy it. You love each other, I admire it, and I feel that the love which you show to each other is the love shown to me. Loving each other is greater than any good conceivable in this universe.

The ideals of ‘Prem Ashram’ are: Prema that is love and Prema that is brotherhood and again Prema that is service to others.‘Prem Ashram’ also radiates love in the form of Bhakti shown to Bhagwan, who has incarnated among us in the visible form of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba. His message is Satya, Dharma, Shanti and Prema. By placing Prema last in the order, Bhagwan has emphasised its finer meaning and exhorted us to practice Prema. Mataji is enthusiastically striving hard always to instil this divine quality in the children.

I have always been wanting to tell you something about silence. Bhagwan Baba has stressed the importance of silence within you. The silence starts from silence of the mouth. When you are silent without talking, you can always hear the unceasing noise created by your mind and you will observe that the outward silence is not the real silence you are craving for. The continuous train of thoughts both useless and useful (as you may think sometimes), will indicate to you the real uselessness of these thoughts, which are dwelling in you. You are the Abode of Bhagwan and don’t you think that it is not desirable to allow such useless things to dwell in you? You must always allow only Bhagwan to be housed or to dwell in you. When you house Him in your heart, you will find that Ananda automatically enters, without any invitation and lives in you happily. The Ananda gained out of silence cannot be taught to you by any teacher nor can it be explained in words, nor can it be infused in you by any miracle. If you harbour any wish that somebody should impart silence to you in a trice, you are grossly mistaken. Silence that is shanty, is to be gained slowly and laboriously step by step directing your thoughts to serve others, love everyone and in devotion to the Universal Power that is God. Our ancient Yogic Seers have taught us the
path to silence. The ultimate Bliss can be achieved through silence by following Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

I can give here only a very short definition of these paths. They are vast subjects individually and I am sure you will all learn them as you advance gradually in spiritualism.

Karma Yoga in short can be explained as your duty towards your parents first, towards your teacher or Guru second and third of course towards yourself. Your parents expect you to be a good son or daughter; serve them well and earn their blessings. Your parents or for that matter any elders, will always command you to do certain things for your own good. And remember children, your elders will never give any instructions to harm you or to harm your career. Obey them and you will derive immense joy.

Then comes Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is simpler. It means devotion to the Lord of your choice. Bhakti can be shownto anything that you consider as God. Single-pointed devotion brings about happiness not only to you but to all beings around you. Thereby you are doing a greater service to the fellow beings. Many great personalities have taught you or shown you the Bhakti Marga (way) and learning from them you may develop your own Bhakti. You may read the stories of Mira, Andal, Tukaram, Samarth Ramdas, Narsi Mehta and others who have attained their Ananda by showing single pointed devotion to the Lord and by singing His Name. “Blessed are the people born in Kaliyuga,” said Veda Vyasa, “because they can attain the Ultimate by merely chanting the glory of God.” So, you are one of those lucky persons. Have you ever realised how lucky you are to be born in Kaliyuga? So, tell all your friends to start it today if they have not already done it. “Prem Ashram” routines teach you this.

Jnana is wisdom. Wisdom dawns through intellect. Intellect is activated through every good deed or Sadhana you do. When wisdom dawns, you will realise the real wonders of the universe. The duality is completely erased. ‘This and that’ will be fused into one complete feeling, thereby obliterating differences which we are prone to observe in every thing during our everyday activities as a normal human being. With wisdom the “I”, the ‘Atman’ within you is realised. And that stage is beginningless and endless and that is the beginning and the end. Following the meaning of this you will realise that there are no two things. There is no time limit before or after. This theory will be fully comprehended by you, when you advance in Sadhana higher and higher, till you reach perfection.

So, children, with the Blessings of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba and Mataji, I am sure, you will be able to reach the Ultimate goal.

Prem Ashram

With Blessings,
Swami Omkarananda