Faith is the basis of mental strength to achieve an object

Dear Children,

Faith is the basis of mental strength to achieve an object and it is necessary in all walks of life. But faith is a very tricky thing. Though it remains with you, it always oscillates with the vagaries of the mind.

Man turns according to the dictates of the mind like a weather-cock turning around with every change of wind to face different directions. Instead of man ruling the mind, the mind rules him. You worship the personal aspect of God. Some worship Rama and some others Krishna, Sai Baba and other deities. Your aim is to develop one-pointed attention on whatever form you worship. Sustained worship stores up mental energy and this energy illumines your mind and intellect and ultimately leads you to realise the Supreme Knowledge, the Brahman. But most of you even before you have advanced a little, give way to temptation and fritter away the priceless knowledge accumulated with stupendous effort. Faith is strength. The Lord says that all the roads lead to Him. Swerving from the chosen path is tantamount to falling into the abyss of ignorance. In order to rend the meshes of ignorance, you should tenaciously adhere to the Faith, which you have selected once. God pervades everything. All sentient and insentient beings are permeated by Him only. So why change the form and name by listening to the views of different persons? Are you not having the power of discrimination? Are you not strong enough to stand unmoved like a mountain? The weather-cock turns with a gentle breeze. The mountain is not moved even a millimetre by the severest of storms. You are your own master. Stick to your Faith. Devotion, backed up by sincerity and faithfulness, leads you to the realisation of the Self.

Be simple. Cultivate moral and spiritual discipline. Emanate soothing, peaceful vibrations. Be unaffected by the external influences which lead you astray. Do not waste the treasure you have already collected. Have a lofty ideal and controlled by it, steer your life towards the SUPREME GOAL where all FORMS AND NAMES merge into One. That is the surest and definite way to realise the timeless, formless, causeless Entity.

Faith is your strength, love is your pass-word, work is your object of worship and SELF-KNOWLEDGE is your goal.

May Bhagwan Baba guide you in this direction.

Prem Ashram

With Blessings,
Swami Omkarananda