When I was amidst you in the second week of October 1974

Dear Children,

When I was amidst you in the second week of October 1974, you made me very jubilant and happy. By seeing your sincere and devoted faces I comprehended the full meaning of the theory propagated by the great scriptures like Upanishads etc., that everything is God. I found Him in you, children. Yes! You are God, I tell you.

Children, you are good. Your are all radiating joy all the time, and you are giving me joy. If you are happy I am happy. If you are sad I am also sad; Mataji will be sad, and Bhagwan will also be sad. So, children, sadness is the result of desires. Hence the man is constantly in quest of peace but generally does not know how to get it and where to get it. Some have selected the right path and some are groping in the darkness of materialism, experimenting on all the worldly pleasures to find peace. But, alas! They get channelled into the right path by the Almighty as a result of sincere prayers. Some of them, who are not fully prepared to experiment the way to the attainment of divinity, are required to suffer some more, but it is sure that they also will ultimately be taken into His fold. So, time is the only factor. The earlier you wish to be guided by Him, the quicker you are taken into His kingdom.

Every action has a reaction. That is a proven theory. When you think good, do good and wish good unto others, the same comes back to you. It is like a radio set receiving and broadcasting. When you merely think good, your thought waves attract or influence those around you. All such waves not only do good to your own self but to others in the vicinity as well. In the Ashram we think of God, talk about God, sing His glory, do good in His name. Such thoughts and deeds not only get charged into the persons present in the Ashram but also into the atmosphere in and around the Ashram.

Your physical frame needs rest. Likewise your mind also needs rest. It works unceasingly without your outward knowledge. Slowly you should become conscious about the working of your mind. It constantly cogitates on useless things. It makes endless noise. So, by directing your mind on Godhead, you give it the much needed rest. Try to empty your mind. Then charge it with divine thoughts. You will yourself find the difference. When you are in the Ashram, in front of Divine personalities, in temples or in other holy places with the real thought of receiving divine vibrations, peace enters in you without invitation. I assure you, children, that Prem Ashram is fully charged with such vibrations. Some of you have experienced it. Others can also experience it. Every one is suitable for spiritual life. Spiritual awakening is to be brought about by your own self to realise your ‘SELF’. This can be accomplished by your sincere efforts by stilling the mind. A scientific theory propounds that foreign matters tend to fill the vacuum. Empty your mind. Then GODLINESS will automatically flow into you and fill you with everlasting bliss.

I am happy to find that you have developed into a happy family with a benevolent outlook and pleasing manners, exhibiting altruism and compassion. Equality, equanimity and brotherhood are your passwords. All of you are brothers and sisters. Status, higher or lower, is not known to you. God does not recognise caste, creed, sex, age, etc. All are His children. You know that if you show pure love, the love will be reciprocated. What you need is the firm conviction that it is so. Become aware of His constant presence at every place, in everyone and in everything. Concentrate on lofty values.

Man is the best of all creations in the world. He is the most gifted of all the beings as he can, not only see, hear, smell, talk, taste and feel, but is also endowed with reasoning power. A selected few even transcend above all these and realise the ‘SELF’. Some of you, nay, all of you are in this selected category. Your efforts, guided by Bhagwan’s blessings, will lead you to this goal. It is the privilege granted to you by Him. Use it well.

You are living in the modern society with modern ideas about seeking peace. But, only tensions are mounting day by day, due to dishonest living coupled with insincerity, hypocrisy and deceit. Consequently, the mind is affected adversely and it creates reactions in others also. Try to discard these bad qualities as much as possible, outside this Ashram. Come with a clean mind and enjoy the bliss the Ashram offers you. Find it out with unstinted faith and I am sure, you will definitely find yourself on the path to reaching theAbsolute.

Prem Ashram

With Blessings,
Swami Omkarananda